Heart Disease – The Effects of an Unhealthy Heart

The most important muscle in your body that you cannot do without is the heart. The heart is a muscle that pumps blood around the body. It has two main objectives and that is to take the oxygen from your lungs and then pump the oxygen into your blood. The blood is then pumped around your body.

As with any muscle in the body the heart needs exercise to keep it fit and healthy. When the heart is healthy your body works and functions efficiently and effectively. With a healthy heart you will be able to carry out the daily tasks and routines of life easily and in comfort. A healthy heart will be able to cope effectively with the pressures and demands that life throws at it.

A heart that is out of condition is less effective at pumping blood round the body. This in turn makes the body less able to do daily tasks such as walking upstairs or lifting objects. The heart that is out of condition has to work harder than the healthy heart to do the daily tasks of life.

As it is a gradual process for the heart to get out of condition many people do not realise their heart is unhealthy. If you answer yes to the following questions then you are highly likely a person who has an unhealthy heart.

1.When you arrive at work do prefer to take the elevator to your office rather than climbing the stairs because you do not want your office colleagues to see you panting and sweating?

2.Even though you live only a 5 minute walk away from the shops do you still take the car and park as close to the shop as possible even if you are just buying a pint of milk?

3.Do you get more satisfaction and enjoyment by lying on the couch watching the sports channel than you do participating in sports that will not only be fun but will make you fit?

4.On a beautiful sunny day do you prefer to slump back down on the couch with a packet of crisps and a can of fizzy drink watching brain numbing TV rather than going out for a nice healthy walk?

A heart that is out of condition is the first step down a path that will lead to very serious health conditions that can result in heart disease and other conditions associated with an unhealthy heart.

Source by Bill Weller

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